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Journey of Divorce

Journey of divorce is a course that offers tools for people who are in the process or post-divorce to move forward in their lives with positivity, grace, and dignity

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Caren Stanley

Caren Stanley was divorced in 2015 and took this course that was created by Executive Coach Renee Cooper in 2012 and again in 2013. When Caren learned that Renee was going to retire from teaching the course, Caren felt that it was something that she would like to carry forward so that others could benefit from the experience as much as she had. Renee graciously gifted Caren the curriculum as she felt that Caren had the heart and passion to continue the journey forward with others.

Caren earned a degree in Oral Communication from Emerson College and uses those skills to facilitate bonding and open dialogue among participants to create a warm, comfortable environment to discuss issues and move forward with positivity.

"Moving forward with positivity"

-Caren Stanley

About the Course


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Online Course

Journey of Divorce is a course that allows individuals going through the process of divorce to learn a little more about themselves and how they would like to see themselves post-divorce. Participants learn how they can acknowledge, with positivity, a new beginning for themselves and a new sense of normal. The course meets once a week for 6 weeks via Zoom. There is space for 6-8 participants per session to create a meaningful sense of community among the group while sharing stories and gleaning perspective from the curriculum and each other. The ultimate goal upon completion is to feel a sense of connection and positivity to move forward with dignity and grace.


You are an amazing group leader. You genuinely like and appreciate every single person and what they have to say. You show each lady so much respect. You also notice who says too much and handle that beautifully. I’ve seen you grow in confidence while ALWAYS remaining humble.
Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with all of us. It truly made the group even more special.

This is beautiful Caren, thank you! I love how you always encourage us to move forward with positivity! 

This is an extraordinary course and Caren is the ultimate facilitator. She is wise, caring, and joyful. I love that, during a time when it’s easy to get stuck in the past, Journey of Divorce let me think about a bright and fulfilling future. I am so grateful for the wonderful friends I made in six short weeks and for the super-duper helpful tools we gained for coping and hoping. If you are considering this course, I encourage you to jump in and go for your future!!

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